Haha, No Offence

As another west coast evening comes to an end, British Columbian hockey fans (AKA the 99% haha – wait, people are still talking about that, right?) retire to bed respited with their Canucks.

The top unit forwards are connecting as they should, with Daniel Sedin and Alexandre Burrows tied for the team lead in goals scored at nine while brother Henrik has quietly amassed eight, himself.

That sounds about right.

The Amex line has forged some credit as Ryan “Freaking” Kesler has re-upped his pact with whatever abyssal powers have approached him (I assume all of them), producing nine points in his last seven games (3G, 6A) and going plus-6 in that span. The +/- is important to note because of his linemate, the convincingly asymmetric David Booth, of whom has been quietly snubbed as a defensive floater by the internet underbelly, has also been impressive of late with three goals and five points in as many outings while going plus-4. Chris Higgins, who was acquired for a third-round pick at the trade deadline last season which Vancouver regained from Florida in the Booth trade earlier this year, has the best points-for-value on the team seeing as he’s fourth in team scoring (8G, 9A) and ultimately cost literally nothing to obtain.

(As an aside, my sources tell me that the BC division of the Canadian Mint plans on releasing a unique “gold quarter-dollar” with Mike Gillis’s profile, which will otherwise resemble a Canadian loonie in every respect. This will then be the only unit of currency that Vancouver will use in future deals with the Panthers.)

This stupid image is worth much less than the time invested in creating it.

The point of discussion that spurred this post is that Vancouver’s third line of Mason Raymond, Cody Hodgson and Jannik Hansen is on pace for over 100 points.

Alright, alright, that number is obviously skewed seeing that Raymond is technically on pace for zero goals and 54 assists.

What’s very real however, is that the rest of his line has been consistently producing (Jannik with 7G, 5A; Hodgson, curiously, the reverse) and Mason’s conditioning is better than (I grudgingly admit I) anticipated. If the speedy sophomore winger can autograph the boxscore as often as his linemates from here on out, say ending the season at a half-point per game (well within his ability) with 27 points, the young trio is still projected to earn 101 points.

BC hasn’t seen that kind of third-rate production since Fido.

The meaning being that after all’s said and done, it will cost millions of dollars and deserve a hell of a lot more recognition.


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