Hash Mark Hax is a week-to-week sports blog centering on the Vancouver Canucks and Whitecaps FC.

Its author, clearthesmoke, is an aspiring writer out of Vancouver Island, BC.

While he has no ice hockey playing experience, he is an avid fan, having followed the Canucks since the 1994 playoff run and has long contemplated keeping a blog to voice his opinions in avenues outside of the bars he frequently stumbles out of.

He has a long history of playing soccer from growing up in the Okanagan, and has been looking forward to Vancouver having a Major League Soccer team since he found out the MLS was even a thing. Now that the ‘caps are involved, he is too and you can find his analysis on this blog.

This is the early (and poor) result of those endeavours.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to follow Hash Mark Hax, you can do so by clicking the link in the sidebar.


One response to “About

  1. Aspire away dick! You say Go Canucks, but you bash every aspect of their game. Have you ever even put down a twinkie and tied on a pair of skates? My apologies if that’s asking to much, have you ever watched the do or die, never say never, most outcast, badmouthed, hardest working, farthest travelling, community orriented, fan loving bunch of bad assed mofos ever to see the toughest league in pro sports play their game? Oh, I’m sorry, you’re a flamer. Nuff said

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